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Why I wouldn’t vote for Obama today.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

The reason is very simple: because he’s black.

Now, before you call me a bigot, racist or some other unflattering name, hear me out:

He will never be effective as a President because I firmly believe the white elitist of the GOP cannot and will not allow a black man to succeed in the highest office in the land and the most powerful position on earth.

No way. They will do anything and everything they can to assure his failure.

Let’s look at job creation and ponder these verifiable historical facts: (You can verify these facts at the Bureau of Labor statistics, a site loaded with good stuff — facts.)

Job creation has always been higher under Democratic Presidents. No Republican President has ever created more jobs than a Democratic President.

President Obama is the first Democratic President who will finish his term with negative job creation.

President Obama is the first black President.

Some would argue that his policies are to blame, but, the Fortune 500 companies, who really drive and set the tone for American business are, and have been for a couple years, in a position to hire workers to replace the over 1,000,000 jobs cut from their ranks since January of ’09 (which, by the way remains the single highest month for job losses on record if my memory serves me correctly. Welcome to the world of politics, Mr. Obama).

I think there is some truth to that, but I also believe there is a concerted effort, a “gentlemen’s agreement”, to keep job creation low, new jobless claims too high for comfort and the unemployment rate high. (I’ll stop short of calling it a conspiracy since I have neither the energy nor resources to dig deep enough to expose one if it exists.)
The Fortune Five Hundred companies set a record for profits in 2011. Over $863 billion following a great comeback in 2010 when they made over $330 billion. They haven’t re-hired very many workers, so new jobs remain paltry and our unemployment rate  remains high, partly because they refuse to hire and would rather overwork the people who remained employed.

Now let’s look at first-time jobless claims.

As soon as Mr. Obama was sworn in, jobless claims surged (January ’09 was a record), remained high and while still high are now edging down. So why would they be coming down if my premise is true?

Because the Republicans are certain they will win (they’ve got more money than God) and once they do, the hiring machine will restart and Romney will be the White Knight who rides in and saves the economy here and across the globe. It has to be a gradual trend otherwise suspicions will arise, but I’m fairly sure that if Romney wins, the pace of hiring in the private sector will accelerate noticeably.

So here’s the question to ponder: is the President’s performance in job creation a reflection of his economic policies or the consequence of a carefully orchestrated strategy by big business?

I don’t know the answer for certain — if I did I’d write a book about it. Huge Corporate profits and a surging market, however, are positive indicators that business is getting better — so why aren’t the companies who cut so many jobs starting to bring them back?

In my opinion: no ray of hope will be allowed to break through the dark clouds of the job market until and unless the Republicans win.

In my blog about why I wouldn’t vote for Romney today, I left the door open for him to earn my vote depending on how his campaign addressed my concerns. I said some of the negatives were reversible.

Well, Mr. Obama is not going to be a white man come election day, so that is an irreversible obstacle. I can’t see the country surviving another four years of divisive and stalemate governing — so unless the Democrats win back the House and retain the Senate majority, I can’t vote for him.  The Republicans will continue to stonewall his every move — not because they are necessarily bad moves, but because, I firmly believe they will not allow him to succeed.

So if I vote for his re-election, it will be a last minute decision based on how the wind is blowing in the key Congressional races. I won’t be uncomfortable with a re-election vote  because I do believe he’s been denied the opportunity to implement some of his key initiatives because of who he is.

It’s black and white to me.