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When I Think About…

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

…what I should be thinking about, worrying about, it comes down to one word: China.

The impact this giant country has on the world was never more evident than its recent decision to surprisingly devalue its currency. The fallout from that move is still playing out. Stocks here and abroad are and will probably be on a roller coaster for the foreseeable future. China’s economy has a cold and it’s spreading pandemic style.

But apparently a slowdown in the economy hasn’t slowed their military buildup. If you haven’t seen the images and footage form their 70th anniversary military parade, you should take a look. And take notice that Vladimir Putin was right there beside Xi Jinping, no doubt assessing the threat and admiring the accomplishment of this massive display of power.

This is a country of about 1.35 billion people with an army of over two million — even after their announced three hundred thousand manpower reduction. The weapons on display are both plentiful and formidable, particularly their anti-carrier missile which by all accounts could destroy one of carriers at will. Their nuclear arsenal and delivery systems are second to none.

Their Navy continues to grow as well and they now have five of their ships operating in the Bering Sea, right off the coast of Alaska. Too close for comfort and an incident just waiting to happen.

They also own about 1.2 trillion in U.S bills, notes and bonds.

They are a dangerous financial and military power, a real threat to our national security. While we bicker over the merits of a deal designed to stop one country from building one bomb, the Chinese nuclear arsenal grows unabated. And they grow more emboldened everyday, not afraid  to flex their respective financial and military muscle.

They gain additional strength when they see our country divided on multiple issues — race, religion, marriage, immigration, to name a few. As well as see a country with high levels of disrespect for their President and growing disrespect for law enforcement.

Division is weakness, they know it and that’s why they grow more aggressive everyday. They are laser-focused on becoming the world superpower and unless and until we re-unite as a country, their march to global dominance will accelerate.

It’s all about perspective. We’ve lost ours. They’ve sharpened theirs.

And the consequences are potentially catastrophic.